About Barna Gabos Flute Maker

As a professional musician, I mastered instrument-making as an autodidact, continuously discussing the art with master manufacturers during my learning phase. I started a long time ago with Quenas built from bamboo, playing with Bolivian and Peruvian musicians (the quena is a simple instrument with six tone holes, and the same acoustic characteristics as a flute).

In 1998, at the Sziget festival in Budapest, I heard Brian Finnegan playing on a Patrick Olwell bamboo flute. This was a milestone for me: I had to try making and playing those instruments, which at that time were not available in Hungary.

From Bamboo to Irish Flutes

Mentored and advised by Elek Tihamér, who works at the Hungarian State Opera’s instrument-repair workshop, we soon became friends. I learnt a lot about the flute-making techniques from Elek.

In 2012, I participated to a flute conference in Italy along with Patrick Olwell, Eamonn Cotter, and Stéphane Morvan. Thanks to these inspiring meetings, I further refined my technique.

I play my own instruments in my band, Peca, and I love fishing.